Mobilisation 2016

mobilizácia_2016_titulka78. Mobilization Anniversary Event

Basic informations:

The commemorative event focused mainly on the presentation of military history and the tragic events of the last years of our first democratic Czechoslovak Republic is taking place in Bratislava on 24. 9. 2016 (Saturday) for the fifth year. The main part/item of programm is represented by two fighting demonstrations with the military history clubs participation. Introduction of the main weapons of the BS 4 “Lany” object, as well as their shooting, also belongs to that demonstration. The amount of historical attractions and a varied accompanying program is also held on this above mentioned event accompanied by a moderator. 78. mobilization anniversary event is organized by OZ/Civic association “Petržalka fortification museum“.

Together we will return to the critical moments of our history, when fighting with the armed separatists and foreign armies was taking place at our borders.

When: September 24, 2016

Where: Bratislava – Petržalka, Vienna Road (at the border crossing Berg), the area of “Petržalka fortification museum“ (BS 4 “Lany” object).

Demonstrations: The situation at the border of the Republic in 1938 and the premiere of the demonstration of the fighting for Petržalka (part of the city Bratislava) in 1945.

Visitors: FREE ENTRY

You will have an opportunity to enjoy demonstrations of historical events, historical uniformed members of the armed forces, various military equipment, historical military camps, as well as the trench system with wooden-ground bunker. The heavily fortified building BS 4 “Lany” will be also available for the visitors. What is more, there will be a large parking (free) and many refreshment stands.

Demonstrations schedule:

10:00 – Mobilisation of 1938. OZ/Civic association “Petržalka fortification museum“ has prepared the following: You will be able to look up fighting demonstration in which Military History clubs will be presenting a dramatic and tragic events, which took place at the Czech border during 1938. From strengthening surveillance border over growing unrest, to malicious attacks by armed terrorists who were organized in neighboring countries, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

12:00 – The demonstration of the fighting for Petržalka in 1945.

There will be a large parking lot, food stalls and you will also have an opportunity to fire out by the historical weapons (blank ammunition).


Photo gallery from previous annual events: HERE


How to find us:

You can find us on the Vienna road, almost near the border with Austria. The best way of transport is by a vehicle or by a bicycle on bike path.

Traveling by a vehicle: If you travel by a vehicle, you will be driving along the Vienna road and coming towards the state border. On the right side you will see a large parking lot for vehicles with our board. Park your vehicle here and directional signs will steer you further. From the parking lot you will be walking away about 5 minutes. Just follow the cycle path and boards. You can study the map at the end of this section for a better orientation.

Traveling by a bicycle: If you go by bike from ,,Petržalka“, the route is the same as with the vehicle (see paragraph above). If you’re going to visit us from the center of Bratislava, it is ideal for you to pass Lafranconi SNP Bridge by bicycle and continue along the signed paths to our area. For a better orientation a map with marked bike path is attached.



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We will gradually update the informations about this event.

We look forward to you!