Short introduction

This project was created as the initiative of longtime friends. Our goal is to open five renovated bunkers of Czechoslovak fortifications in the area of Bratislava to public in form of museum. Today we have opened three of the museums – the bunker B-S 4, B-S 2 and the bunker B-S 9. Other bunkers, B-S 1 and B-S 3 are in progress. The aim of this project is also to build a cultural-historical trail in order to protect the Pečniansky forest.

Story of the bunkers

The Czechoslovak government built a system of border fortifications, as well as some fortified defensive lines inland, from 1935 to 1938 as a defensive countermeasure against the rising threat of Nazi Germany that later materialized in the German offensive plan called Fall Grün. The objective of the fortifications was to prevent the taking of key areas by an enemy (not only Germany but also Hungary and Poland) by means of a sudden attack before the mobilization of the Czechoslovak army could be completed, and to enable effective defense until allies (Britain and France and possibly the Soviet Union) could help. Today almost all of the remaining light objects are freely accessible. Some of the heavy objects are also accessible, others may be rented or sold to enthusiasts. A certain number were turned into museums like our five objects in Bratislava.

Our reconstruction


History for visitors

Check out the History of our region over the period of second World War as well as the era of the Iron Curtain during Cold War and communism in Czechoslovakia till the present time.


Return to the beginning of building Czechoslovak fortification in violent era of year 1938 is presented by exposition of bunker B-S 4 „Lány“.

Following insight in the era when Petržalka was annexed to Nazi third reich during WWII in years 1938-45 through bunker B-S 3 „Paseka“. (CLOSED AFTER FLOODS)

Already reconstructed object B-S 2 „Mulda“ gives the opportunity to look how border guard units operated along an exposed section of the Iron Curtain in the years 1948-89 during Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. (CLOSED AFTER FLOODS)

B-S 1 „Šterkovište“ shows the neglect of Historical – Technology monument after collapse of communist system in Czechoslovakia. (CLOSED AFTER FLOODS)

First existing structures were unique in design and are also known as “old bunkers”. You can discover them at B-S 9 “Kitsee”. Exposition coming soon!

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